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Asynchronous episode 3 – Adventures in event-land

From callbacks to events This is my third post on asynchronous Javascript. In the first one, I explored callbacks and I explained how I ended up creating streamline.js, a tool that simplifies programming in callback-land. In the second one, I … Continue reading

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Currying the callback, or the essence of futures…

Wow, this one is not for dummies!!! I decided to play it pedantic this time because I posted a layman explanation of this thing on the node.js forum and nobody reacted. Maybe it will get more attention if I use … Continue reading

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Asynchronous Javascript – the tale of Harry

Catching Up Before telling you about Harry, I’ll start with a short account of what I went through recently so that those who know me from long ago can understand how I ended up being involved in asynchronous Javascript development, … Continue reading

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