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  1. Andrew T says:

    Hi there,

    I quite liked your post on fibers and threads:


    I was wondering where you were working given that knowledge about matters such as threads is rare in the main stream programming community and knowledge of alternatives to callbacks seems to be even rarer.

    Actually, I could be wrong on that second point. I’ve not used node.js at all. I’m in the desktop application business and got my knowledge of asynchronous functions from when I wrote a p2p application: http://www.mysternetworks.com/ (now defunct). I created an event base IO framework to handle the bazillions of outstanding connections I was making (via UDP). When you do that you tend to rediscover asynchronous functions and the pain of managing callbacks. I’m quite excited about the new lightweight-thread style libraries that solve this sort of problem.

    Anyway, all that to say, I was wondering where you were working.. Your blog’s about page claims you are an example of a WordPress page:


    If this is indeed true then you are a very remarkably sentient and insightful WordPress page and I’d like to have your source code. (I’ve been meaning to write an email that plays backgammon)

    — Andrew

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